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Deep Brain Stimulators and the New DST

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May 05. 2016
Helen Shepherd

Good morning,

I am wonderining if anyone can suggest where they would record information in the 2016 DST about Deep Brain Stimulators. In the draft I have completed for a patient I have recorded it in the Drugs, therapies and meds section to acknowledge it but it may be best placed elsewhere.

Many thanks

June 28. 2016

DH is planning to do a brief review of the framework, to gauge user views, pick up any small tweaks and changes which might be helpful (not a further full-scale revision however). I will post a formal call for feedback shortly. This sounds like an area we might want to ensure is reflected.

In passing, I would suggest that perhaps you should be guided by nature of their need here, rather than reflect the equipment they are using - what's the therapy for?

June 29. 2016
Liz Foster

That's great news Gareth and we would be happy to feedback our experiences so far,


August 16. 2016
Liz Foster



Does anyone have a definition of "exceptionality" that they use in relation to Continuing care framework?

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