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Children's continuing care - challenges

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Training PHB staff

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September 03. 2015
Sara Bedford


I know we have discussed this before but need to pick your brains again sorry. Many of our children have PHB's the community nurses are expected to train staff employed by parents but this can be an issue as some packages have a high staff turnover. I have just spoken with my adult colleagues and they expect existing staff to cascade train new members of the team. I would be grateful if you could let you know your thoughts regarding the safety and legality of this


September 18. 2015
Helen Shepherd
Hi, In our area, the PHB lead from the CSU arranges training, often through private providers as local CCN teams etc don't have capacity to do all of the extra work and now they can and do charge for the "training service" to others. I would be concerned with staff cascading training as who signs off competencies and we all know people teach and learn in different ways and have the habit of picking up bad habits and shortcuts so we need to ensure staff (often trained assistants and not qualified nurses)are getting a quality training package to ensure the patient isn't compromised. Happy to discuss further or can put you in touch with our PHB lead if needed. Thanks Helen
November 27. 2017


In our area the PHB lead sign post carer to the online skills for life training for as this covers all the mandatory training and however we are a bit stuck in regards to more specific training as the community services are not able to provide this training to outside agencies / of privately employed carers. I would appreciate if anyone on this forum can advise what is happening in other areas.

Thanks Surrita



November 28. 2017
Sarah Davis

HI, We've  now had to ask private companies to supply / provide  this - they are employing nurses to specifically train and sign off competencies.  This cost is included within the PHB. We too use various on line training providers and local colleges but of course they are unable to provide that additional specialism that our CYP need.

Be interesting to see how this develops as medical advances continue at a pace.

May 03. 2018
Surrita Barrett
May 03. 2018
Surrita Barrett



We are having the same issue here. We have a number of third party agencies who are managing the PHB on parents' behalf and they are using the skills for life online training and for specific training like paediatric life support, tracheostomy care and things like this they are commissioning private organisations to provide this. Our community services have said they do not have the capacity to do so.

May 03. 2018
Surrita Barrett

Hi May I pick your brains on Children Continuing Care and children with severe challenging behaviour who are in residential placements.

Regarding children with mental health issues and challenging behaviour. We are getting a number of these children referred for continuing care assessments.  

We use CHAAT tool for allocating care packages and this tool does not take into account the psychological needs of the child nor does it take into account any challenging behaviour.


If anyone has a  good resource allocation tool to share, it would be much appreciated.


Thank you 

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