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Young people who will not engage

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September 30. 2015

A colleague has raised two issues encountered:

- a young person who has challenging behaviour but does not apparently have a health need (they have been seen by CAMHS, and assessed for LD, autism etc.)

- the young person is very unwilling to engage with CC process, making it hard if not impossible to take further.


Do colleagues have experience of these please? In relation to the first, I would value views on the advisability of making clear in the revised National Framework that there may be children with challenging behaviour who do not have any apparent health need behind it, and that there consequently may be no need for a package of continuing care, although some form of support from some sector may be essential (be it education, social care, criminal justice etc.)

October 01. 2015
Caroline James


The severe and priority levels in Challenging Behaviour are set very high and would apply to those young people where all agencies are struggling to meet their needs.  Typically they would be challenging social care provision and education would also be saying that they could not meet the young person's needs.  They would probably be accessing CAMHS provision and have oversight by a Psychiatrist.  In Leeds young people with this level of need would be discussed at our interagency panel which looks at specialist placements, usually out of authority.  There is an agreement with the local authority about how much health contributes towards these placements.  This is how health meets its responsibility for cc needs for these young people.  Hope this helps.


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