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Sjögren's syndrome (Dry Mouth) Guidance and Information


Sjögren's syndrome (Dry Mouth) Guidance and Information

Helpful guidance and information provided by The Dental Hospital for the management and referral of patients Sjögren's syndrome (Dry Mouth).

The Cheshire & Merseyside Primary Care Group met with clinicians from The Dental Hospital to regarding high number of Oral Medicine referrals for ‘Dry Mouth’. The vast majority (approximately 85% of the 400 referrals) of patients referred did not have Sjögren's syndrome (Dry Mouth).

In addition, many of the patients had restorative problems which require addressing prior to the referral.  The waiting time to be seen by the consultants at The Dental Hospital is currently 30 weeks (March 19) and many of the referrals could be managed in a Primary Care setting.

To support GDPs and patients, the Dental Hospital agreed to share copies of helpful information and guidance