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Improved Access-information for patients

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Improved Access-information for patients


Improved Access and Countywide Clinics for the Cheltenham Central Network

Information for patients

Six of your local Cheltenham GP surgeries are now working together to provide additional clinical appointments for all their registered patients

 They have called this group of practices the Cheltenham Central Primary Care Network.  The surgeries in this Network are: Overton Park Surgery Yorkleigh SurgeryUnderwood SurgeryRoyal Crescent SurgeryCrescent Bakery Surgery, and Berkeley Place Surgery.

 Improved Access For Cheltenham Central Network

These pre-bookable appointments are available to any registered patient up until 8pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings.  

The clinics are hosted at Overton Park Surgery

You must have agreed to share your complete patient record within the Network, and you will be asked for consent to share the appointment back with your usual practice when you arrive to book in.

 Improved Access Clinics

 Monday 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday 4pm - 8pm
Thursday 4pm - 8pm
Friday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm

 Countywide Clinics for Gloucestershire

You can use these appointments even if you are not registered at a practice within the Cheltenham Central Network, but only for a minor ailment.  Network Practice patients can also use these appointments.

Countywide Clinics
Saturday 1pm-5pm
Sunday 8:30am-12:30pm; 1pm-5pm

 Frequently Aasked Questions

What's the difference between Improved Access and the Countywide Clinics? 

The Countywide Clinics held on Saturday afternoon and all day on Sunday, whilst held at Overton Park Surgery, are available to any patient in the county.  Patients who are not registered within the Cheltenham Central Cluster, however, cannot have their complete medical records accessed by the GP in the clinic.  For the sake of patient safety and GP indemnity, only minor, routine ailments can be booked into Countywide appointments.

Patients within the Cheltenham Central Cluster can have their entire record viewed, and thus can be seen for more complex problems.

 Who will see me, and how will they know about me?

All of our appointments are with a GP.

If you are registered with a surgery in the Cheltenham Central Network: With your consent, the GP will have full access to your medical records, so you can be assured they will be aware of any ongoing condition.

 If you are registered with a surgery which is not in the Cheltenham Central Network: With your consent, the GP will have access to your Summary Care Record (SCR).  This includes your medicines and allergies.  It is always recommended that you have an enhanced SCR, which includes extra details including ongoing health problems like dementia or diabetes; treatment preferences; and details of a Carer.  Speak to the receptionist at your registered GP surgery to have this.

 If you do not wish to share your records, you will need to let your practice know, but this could limit the appointments available to you.

For further information, please see this data sharing letter for patients for more information, and the patient information leaflet provided by SystmOne (provider of our clinical system).

 How do I make an Appointment?

Please speak to the receptionist of your registered practice who will offer you the best option to meet your needs, including these clinics.

Please note there will be no telephone access after 6:30pm on weekdays.

 You may wish to consider some of these other options for advice before you ring your surgery for an appointment:

* NHS website (www.nhs.uk/pages/home.aspx)

* Your local Pharmacist

* The ASAP app (available at www.asapglos.nhs.uk)