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Covid-19 Vaccination - Local Programme at Cheltenham Fire Station


Covid-19 Vaccination - Local Programme at Cheltenham Fire Station

Since December, the Cheltenham vaccination team have administered an amazing 72,442 Covid-19 vaccinations at the Fire Station! Booked clinics for first and second doses finished on 28th August, and there will only be walk-in clinics of Pfizer vaccinations in future. These will be coordinated around the Covid-19 booster programme, and details will be on Practice websites as soon as they become available.

We extend a huge thank you to Sarah Gallagher for managing the bulk of the organisational and practical logistics, and to the vaccinators and administrators who have worked at the Fire Station in addition to their existing duties. Thank you as well to the booking teams working at Cleevelands Medical Centre and St Paul's Medical Centre, the administration teams, and all the volunteers who have worked so hard over the last 10 months.

The first walk-in clinic at the fire station for over 16-year olds is on Saturday 11th September at the Fire Station, 09:00-13:00. Patients can receive their first or second Pfizer dose.


To book your 1st or 2nd Covid-19 vaccination outside of walk-in clinics, you are invited to use the national booking website: www.nhs.uk/covidvaccination or phone 119 to book a vaccination appointment at a pharmacy or a mass vaccination centre.

If you need an AstraZeneca or Moderna vaccination, you must use this national programme. Only Pfizer is now available at the Fires Station.  


Vaccinations Received Outside of England


The NHS App displays evidence of vaccinations administered in England.

Work is underway with the Department of Health to resolve issues with patients that have been vaccinated in trials and in other countries. They are also working to determine which vaccines from oversees will be accepted.

We cannot overrule National policy and we are not able to enter details of vaccines given outside of England into your GP records or your NHS app.  

We are also unable to give a third dose of the covid vaccination (different to the booster) in order for it to appear on the NHS App, as this is currently against all guidance.

We appreciated this is frustrating, but we must await the Department of Health's instruction. on this matter.

Please keep checking the Department of Health's website for more information.

Work is still ongoing to enable vaccination certificates for patients who either have incomplete records, been in trials or had vaccinations overseas.




2nd Covid Dose - Requests to Receive Earlier due to Travel


Given the increase in cases of the Delta variant, giving people the best possible protection from Covid-19 is vital.

For both adenovirus vector and mRNA vaccines, there is evidence of better immune response and/or protection where longer intervals between doses are used.

Therefore, second dose vaccinations should not be given earlier than 8 weeks, except in line with the guidance issued by JCVI and the Green Book (for example, transplant patients or those about to undergo immunosuppression treatment where vaccination prior to this would be beneficial).

The main exception to the eight week lower interval would be those about to commence immunosuppressive treatment. In these individuals, the vaccine is given whilst their immune system is better able to respond.

Any decision to vaccinate earlier than 8 weeks should be made by the patient’s responsible clinician or vaccination site clinical lead on a case-by-case basis and must be based on clinical risks and benefits of giving the second dose earlier than 8 weeks.



UK Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery Plan


You can read about the Vaccine Delivery Plan in detail by following this link to the Government information page.

Remember: The COVID-19 vaccine is free of charge on the NHS.

The NHS will never ask for:

  • your bank account or card details
  • your pin or banking password
  • copies of personal documents to prove your identity such as your passport, driving licence, bills or pay slips

If you think you have been a victim of fraud or identify theft, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.



COVID-19 vaccine and blood clotting

 Please see this leaflet regarding the covid-19 vaccine and blood clotting. Released by Public Health England 08/04/2021.