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Can the changes to the NHS provide a basis for excellence in mental health commissioning? Simon Lawton-Smith, Head of Policy at the Mental Health Foundation, investigates

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September 01. 2011
Martin Oswin

Carol sent round this article from the mental health comission I quoted this excerpt because I think it tackles one of the issues for services that embrace recovery orientated behaviours like ours!

'First, clinicians must understand that mental health commissioning requires a social model of recovery, not just clinical care. For many people recovery from mental illness is closely linked to social care and support, opportunities for education and employment, decent housing and a reasonable income. So commissioning for this group of patients must be both multidisciplinary and interagency (there being a particular problem if commissioning groups are not coterminous with local authority boundaries), and must involve service users themselves. The proposed new local health and wellbeing boards could play a key role here, but only if commissioning groups play ball.'



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