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NWL CYP mental wellbeing LTP
Evidence for the 2018 National Audit Office review of the NWL CYP mental health and wellbeing local transformation plan
Keywords: ('nwl', 'children', 'mental')
PBr and the Mental Health Clustering Tool
The ultimate goal for PbR is the creation of a national tariff. A national model for mental health currencies has been developed based on need that comprise a ...
Keywords: ("PBr' 'Mental Health' 'Clustering' 'HONOS'",)
Perinatal mental health midwives
An NHS network to share ideas, care pathways and to offer support to midwives working within perinatal mental health.
Keywords: ('specialist midwife', 'specialist midwives', 'perinatal mental health')
Physical activity in Mental health
Promotion of physical activity, exercise and sport to improve the health of people with a mental health diagnosis.
Keywords: ('motivation', 'physical activity', 'protocol', 'interventions', 'wellbeing', 'resistance', 'flexibility', 'badminton', 'stretching', 'sport', 'clothing', 'cv', 'basketball', 'yoga', 'quality', 'cardio', 'endurance', 'engagement', 'sports', 'equipment', 'coaching', 'health', 'policy', 'weights', 'exercise', 'activities', 'tennis', 'gym', 'football', 'groups', 'exercises', 'instruction', 'gyms', 'standards', 'cardio vascular', 'games', 'activity', 'promotion', 'procedure')
Productive Mental Health Ward
The Productive Mental Health Ward is designed to empower and enable teams to improve the effectiveness, safety and reliability of their mental health units. ...
Keywords: ('ward', 'productive', 'health', 'mental')
Regional Mental Health Networks Portal
Welcome to the Regional Mental Health Network’s supporting website where you will find information and content around our previous 67 Mental Health events. ...
Keywords: ('local authority', 'mental health', 'providers', 'commissioning', 'gpwsi', 'joint commissioners')
Regional Mental Health Workshop - Mids & East
Regional Mental Health Workshop 4 Feb 2014 (Midlands & East)
Keywords: ('iapt', 'regional', 'mental health', 'midlands and east', 'mca', 'dementia')
Acute Care Psychiatry
This network promotes dialogue to improve standards, quality, safety and efficacy in Acute Care Psychiatry. It covers all specialities of Psychiatry that ...
Keywords: ('acute care mental health',)
Changing Minds Northamptonshire
Changing Minds provides IAPT and Wellbeing Services in the Northamptonshire area. This network is for the professional development of staff at Changing Minds ...
Keywords: ('Northamptonshire', 'Mental Health', 'Mental health', 'Northants')
Applied Psychologists in SFMHS for Young People
Applied Psychologists working with young people in secure forensic mental health services
Keywords: ('mental health', 'adolescent', 'forensic', 'forensic psychology', 'clinical psychology', 'families')