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Do you see the need for parents/carers to have access to training?.

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September 13. 2011
Carole Haynes

I have recently been in the company of some parents/carers who started a conversation around oral health for the person they care for.

Out of the conversation came the idea that training should be made available for the participation of the parent/carer, as they felt that when they went along to the dental clinic they would usually be put in the position of being the person who should/could provide appropriate oral care at home.

I must say, I cannot but agree, I am sure that within the specialised provision around, training for parents/carers could be developed.

What does everyone think?.

Carole Haynes

RDN.  Cert OHE,  Cert Sp Care DN.  LCGI.

January 15. 2012
lisa bennett

I think that this would be of great benefit. Do you know of any courses that would help us to promote this.

I quite often find that the carers see oral care more personnel then any other form and are reluctant to help. If they could only see what a difference it make to the person, not to say about the prevention of a GA.


Lisa Bennett

RDN Cert Sp Care DN


March 11. 2013
Debra Thomas

Hi Lisa/Carole,

Try contacting you're local oral health promotion team, ours offer training to carers in nursing homes etc. I'm sure they would be happy to help.

Debra Thomas

Dental therapist/hygienist RCS (Eng), RDN 

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