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Delivering an all Foundation Trust (FT) Provider Landscape

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Delivering an all Foundation Trust (FT) Provider Landscape

Letter from Ian Dalton on changes to FT pipeline dates
Letter from Ian Dalton on changes to FT pipeline dates (less...)
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Community Foundation Trust Network
A network for 15 NHS Trusts working towards attaining Foundation Trust status to share ideas, link members and share information.
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AHPs Leading and Delivering Equity and Excellence
A forum for a AHP Leaders involved in the learning events to learn and share.
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This is the network for BCHC staff
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Bridgewater Speed of Trust Network
This network is to support participants on the Speed of Trust programme, to share our stories and change our culture!
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Chiropractic Approved Provider Network
A Network of Approved Chiropractic Service providers, whose clinical practices centre upon symptomatic relief and high quality patient centred care.
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Delivering the General Practice Resilience Programme
Central time coordinated private network for NHS England implementation leads to support learning and sharing of best practice and to seek help on practical ...
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Devon Transforming Care Provider Network
Support network in Devon for community providers who are supporting individuals with a learning disability/autism in the community.
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Healthcare Provider Emergency Preparedness
A network for Emergency Planning Liaison Officers in Community Health provider organisations to share best practice and address common issues.
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Improving Access to General Practice: Commissioner and Provider Support Network
The national improving access to general practice team at NHS England is working closely with NHS England regional teams to support CCGs and groups of ...
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