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General discussion on CFT application

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Monitor consultaion on community service governance indicators

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June 21. 2011
Vivian Wood

Met with our Chair and a Non-exec today to go through our response.

Ref Q2 - Data. We basically disagree with the proposal to use data  completeness as a proxy for good governance and have provided a rationale - which the chair and ned fully understand.   They felt that we should be suggesteing an interim solution or alternative - which we haven't so far come up with. I was wondering if anyone else had any alternative proposals.

Best wishes

Vivian Wood

Cnetrla London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

June 24. 2011
Jamie Bull

Hi Vivian,

I mentioned this to our Director of Clinical Performance and he responded as follows:

"I don’t completely agree with our London Colleagues.  Data completeness and accuracy are essential for good governance as if you don’t know whats going on how can you manage it ?  I think whats important here is that on the CFT journey, that there is a demonstrable improvement in the quality of information that Boards and management teams use to govern services and I don’t think that anyone would argue that an organisation that cant “see” 50% or more of its service lines accurately portrayed can manage its systems.  So for me it’s the level of data completeness that would be used as a proxy not the principle."

I hope this helps?

Kind regards,

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust

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