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General discussion on CFT application

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IBP - quality

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October 19. 2011
mike court


I have just joined the network and am currently FT Programme Manager at both Shropshire Community Health and Wirral Community having taken Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (specialist acute) to FT status in August.

I wonder whether any of you are considering including an additional chapter in the IBP specifically on quality? what do you think are the benefits of doing this as apart from just going with the normal chapter headings?

I would also be interested on your views of organisations who are deemed very good at Board development.



07890 523712

October 21. 2011
Sarah Gilbertson

Hi Mike,

Hope you are well.  I'm the CFT project manager at Liverpool Community Health and we did add an additional chapter (for our Commercial Strategy)in the initial draft of our IBP last year.  However when we received feedback from the SHA it was clear that they had not reviewed this chapter - the framework they used to review it was set out chapter by chapter based on the Monitor list of chapters and there didn't seem to be much flexibility with that.

It may well be different for a chapter on quality, especially as it is high on everyone's agenda currently, but it would probably be worth checking with your SHA relationship manager and get their opinion on it. 

Hope this is useful, happy to chat about it further, my details are below.

Best wishes,
Sarah 0151 295 3008

October 24. 2011
Vivian Wood

Hi, our experience is the same as Sarah describes. We discussed an additonal chapter on Quality with NHS London and  were advised to stick to the Monitor template. They advised that quality should be a  theme running through the whole IBP - the golden thread ! Definitely check it out with your SHA lead - and let us all know if they tell you anything  different

Best wishes 


Central London Community Healthcare   

October 29. 2011
Jamie Bull

Hi there,

Having been involved on the CFT aspirant programme for the past 4 years now, we have always been advised not to deviate from the Monitor template.  All feedback on previous IBPs (both from NHS and external bodies) has been based on this template.

We've also been advised that Quality needs to be weaved throughout the document but mentioned specifcially in the Governance chapter.

I would imagine when we find out exactly what process we will need to go through for the Quality Governance Assessment, that this could help inform future iterations of the IBP?

Kind regards,

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