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APPOUKI-We need your help Public view | Network member posting
Aims- only a few: Education, improvement of knowledge and skills of Pakistani anaesthetist. Run economical courses. Ultimate goal- Improvement of working life of anaesthetist and more confidence in their work. I am sure this will improve patient safety We need people at all levels, people with Vision and people willing to work at the ground level. We have rough idea what we want to achieve in the first couple of years but we want to listen your voice. Tell us what would you like us to do to achieve our goals. Social evenings are not the main aim.
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What would you like to learn? Public view | Network member posting
Please let us know what do you want to learn? For instance i want to learn USGRA.
by Naveed Zafar February 02. 2011
re: So you are looking for an article? ask us
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