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AIM workshops kick off at the Britannia Stadium

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AIM workshops kick off at the Britannia Stadium

The first AIM workshop was held yesterday (14th Feb) at the Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent. Places had been pre-booked with GPs and Nurses making up the majority of delegates.

We were delighted as the large room filled, wiping us out of 80 pre-prepared delegate packs and leaving us the task of bringing more seats into the conference area to accommodate everyone including an additional 15 who had not booked. 

Although it was always going to be a nervous start for the first of our 20+ workshops, everything went to plan.  The feedback was positive with practice nurses volunteering to lead in their respective CCGs, clinical directors volunteering to take lead roles in our national evaluation and the creation of an infectious level of Telehealth "pull".

For the first workshop, we invited those CCGs within 40 minutes drive. However to give others an opportunity to preview the workshops we left it open for those who were  already part of our community or were joining AIM.  We were pleased to welcome delegates from not just 40 mins drive, but well over 3 hours away to the north, south and east of Stoke-on-Trent.

Enthusiasm for Telehealth in the room was high and we were able to connect many who had used Flo already with those new to the concept, openly sharing stories and experiences to widen awareness of what can be done. 

We also encouraged discussion on the use of other, more complex telehealth services and were pleased to make several referrals and introductions, supporting our commitment to the ambitions of 3millionlives.

15th Feb, Phil O'Connell