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August 05. 2011
sally parkin

This week I started my new role as Clinical Lead (Non GP) for Quality, Performance and Partnerships with North Staffordshire CCG. This is a 2 days per week post and I am continuing to work as a SLT on the other 3 days. Are there any other non GP clinicians out there working with CCGs? If so, I would love to hear from you.

September 06. 2011
Hannah Falvey

Hi Sally

I am on the clinical commissioning board for Tower Hamlets as an AHP rep.  I am a clinical health psychologist and have been given an extra session a week to work as a "commissioner".  There is also a practice manager and nurse lead on our Board as well as public health consultant and local authority rep.  Are there any other non GPs on your board or are you standing alone?




October 03. 2011
Avril Swan

Hello Sally, Hannah and anyone else in a similar role,

I am a speech and language therapist by background, currently working in a management position in the PCT as Head of Clinical Engagement.  My role used to be about getting wider GP involvement in PBCs, but now I'm increasingly working on getting the GPs to engage with everybody else!  We're currently putting together a couple of local events for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals to inform them of how developments are progressing in the Sefton area (North Merseyside), and to try to encourage involvement across the wider clinical community.  I would love to involve someone as a speaker, who is finding their way as a AHP member of a CCG.  Do please contact me if you would be willing to help (all expenses paid!)



October 04. 2011
Sally Parkin

Dear Hannah and Avril,

can we have a conversation?  Face to face would be brilliant if possible. I am happy to host in Staffordshire if you can travel. I think we have much in common and I am happy to help with your event Avril if you would like me to.

My e mail address is sally.parkin@northstaffs.nhs.uk 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


October 19. 2011
Avril Swan

Hi Hannah

Please get in touch. Sally and I have been in contact and are planning to meet up and we'd like to include you.  Or for that matter, anyone else reading this who has a similar role and would like to liaise.

Sally's email is in the previous post and mine is avril.swan@sefton.nhs.uk

Hope to hear from you soon.


October 19. 2011

Dear Sally, Hannah, Avril

It is great to stumble across your postings. I am a PCT Chief Pharmacist. My team is aligned to the Milton Keynes CCG and I have additional responsibility for "Clincial Change and Performance". I have been working with practices to review referrals (as well as prescribing) but now need to get to grips with how we structure CCG GP Quality and Performance Lead input into practices to improve performance and quality.

Do you have a model that works? We looked at possible time commitments but a lot depends on the running cost envelope as to what we can afford (as a small CCG it won't be much!).

Kind regards




October 26. 2011
Avril Swan

Hello All

Sally and I had a very useful and interesting meeting on Tuesday and have arranged to meet again, with Hannah and Janet (see above posts) on

Friday 25 November, 10.30am - 1.30pm at NHS Milton Keynes, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley MK3 6RT

We would like to extend an open invitation to any other non-GP clinicians out there who are involved with CCGs/commissioning.

If you would like to come along, please let us know by posting on here or email me at avril.swan@sefton.nhs.uk

Contact Janet (email janet.corbett@miltonkeynes.nhs.uk) if you need further details of the venue.

Kind regards,


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