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Back to health back to life

Up to AHP Representation on GP commissioning
February 21. 2012
Jill Kings

As leaders in rehabilitation and reablement, Allied Health Professionals represent a spectrum of interventions that can help people function to the best of their ability. This leaflet is designed to provide a straight forward guide for commissioners as to the role that Allied Health Professionals can play in achieving high quality, sustainable and affordable health care.



February 21. 2012
Jill Kings

Back to Health Back to Life: The AHP Brand

By Lindsay Courtney and Jill Kings

Commissioner experiences of working with AHPs

“Where are you AHPs when we need you?”

“The AHPs there were so frightened the meeting was washout”

“Death by detail; so much jargon the commissioner passed out!”

“Keeping up with the Jones’s; it took so long to try to get a meeting with every profession that we didn’t end up inviting anyone in the end.....”

In response to the glib but pertinent comments made by local commissioning leads, the North East Allied Health Professions Collaborative (NEAHPC) decided to rise to the challenge set.

How could we?

  • Tell people about what we do in a useful way?
  • Make the complex simple by acting as a whole but still representing the parts?
  • Respond to specific request for information and access experts as required?
  • Feed forward and feed back across a changing landscape? 

The ‘Back to Health Back to Life’ brand has been developed by the NEAHPC as the face of the Allied Health Professions brand in the North East.

The document was designed to provide a clear, overarching representation of a typical physical health journey through health and social care systems.

Accessible language was used to allow the role and function of often complex and multifaceted services to be articulated simply to a wide audience.

This brand is the first stage in a wider engagement strategy, with the NEAHPC acting as the front door to expert allied health resources.

Lindsay Courtney, Chair of the NEAHPC stated “We are very excited at how well the ‘Back to Health Back to Life’ brand has been received, both locally and nationally. It has generated interested from people who both know and understand allied health professionals as well as those who have never heard of us before”.

The NEAHPC is working with the North East AHP leads who are looking to share the ‘Back to Health Back to Life’ brand with other regional leads. This will give individual regions the option to add in local case studies, examples and contacts.

For more information please contact  


Or jill.kings@northumbria.ac.uk


February 27. 2012
Michaela Wright

This is great- concise with all the reasoning and care aims presented in a very accessible way. Hopefully, this approach will be adopted throughout the country. As a SLT employed by and working in acute services there is sometimes a perceived conflict with commissioning but our aim is still the same to maximise function and enable folk to get back to living the lives they want.

I am sure Helen Marriott the AHP lead in East of England would be interested.

Michaela Wright

Head of Adult SLT

Chesterfield Royal NHS Foundation Trust



March 05. 2012
Lesley Walters

This is excellent, and just the thing all AHP services should be doing

Lesley Walters

therapy Manager

Lancs Teaching Hospitals

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