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Sheffield AHP Federation gains seat on Clinical reference Group of CCG

Up to AHP Representation on GP commissioning
November 03. 2011
mandy higginbottom

Hi All,

I am chair of the Sheffield AHP Federation which was highlighted in Karen Middletons AHP Bulletin in October. We have just secured a seat on Sheffield's Clinical Reference Group which reports directly to the Commissioning Executive Team and has oversight of the Planning and Commissioning Groups of the CCG. This committee provides clinical leadership to inform the commissioning decisions and achievement of the CCG strategy.

The CCG Clinical Director, Zak McMurray, had attended our Federation meeting and advised that this would be the most effective forum for our group to be on. So, I attended the CCG board meeting as a member of the public and in questions I asked for the Federation to be considered as a CRG member. The difficulty of trying to have everyone round a table was cited a few times. The discussion really did demonstrate that as we had organised ourselves into a cohesive group who could speak on behalf of a range of professions (OT, PT, SALT, Podiatry, DIetetics and Art Therapy) they were really open to us being present.

Having been at the CCG board meeting I really think it is more important to get on the sub committees like the CRG if you have one in your area. The terms of reference for this group is totally about the clinical leadership and influence on commissioning decisions.

I have followed up with Zak post meeting and he has invited us to be part of the CRG. The first meeting is 16th November!

November 04. 2011
Sally Parkin

Congratulations Mandy,

Great to hear about other AHPs successfully influencing and being integrated into the new CCGs. I am interested to learn about the Clinical Reference Group - its composition and how it will work and also about the Federation..

I am Clinical Lead for Quality, Performance and Partnerships with North Staffordshire CCG. This is a two days a week role, and I am a practising SLT on the other 3 days.

Please contact me on Sally.Parkin@SSOTPT.nhs.uk if you would like to keep in touch.

There is a small group of non-GPs working in commissioning who are meeting in Milton Keynes on Friday 25th November from 10.30 - 2pm. You are more than welcome if you are free.

Best wishes,




November 07. 2011
Avril Swan

Hello Mandy

Sally beat me to it! Both in congratulating you and inviting you to our meeting on 25 November. Do come along if you can.

I've been trying, in Sefton, to rally AHPs together and would love to hear about how you've achieved this in Sheffield. I find individual clinicians who seem to have the enthusiasm to act, but are then blocked by their managers who won't give them time out to follow this up.  I'm a SLT by background, but now in a non-clinical role in the PCT. I do have time and resources, but since our provider services went their separate ways it's been much harder to communicate with the range of people to whom I previously had access. Taking a two pronged approach, I have stimulated a glimmer of interest from our CCGs in engaging with AHPs, and I'm now trying to fan the flame!

I'm keen to hear how your meeting goes on 16 November.

Best wishes,

Avril Swan


November 09. 2011
mandy higginbottom

Hi Sally,

I have e-mailed Avril and yourself but yours keeps bouncing back. My e-mail is mandy.higginbottom@nhs.net if you want to mail me so I can reply to it. Have sent our TOR for the Fed and more info on the CRG.



November 21. 2011
Paula Wedd

I am an OT and until 3 years ago worked in provider services then I moved to a post as Head of Quality in a commissioning organisation. I have an additional role as the Lead for AHP engagement. I currently work as part of the senior management team of the CCG and have a seat on our local clinical senate. I am a member of a local AHP forum that I use as my reference group to support my role. This forum is critical to communicating with AHPs loclally across providers in health and social care. Myself and the GP chair of our CCG are holding an event in December with our local AHPs to share information about Clinical Commissioning.

November 22. 2011
Avril Swan

Hi Paula

That sounds great. It's encouraging to know that posts like yours exist.  The challenge is to show how effective it is, how necessary that makes it, and encourage others to create similar roles.  I find it interesting that you and Sally have both 'got in there' via Quality.  It seems, it's when it comes to the 'softer stuff' that people acknowledge the worth of AHP involvement.  Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing!

Good luck with your event next month.


Avril Swan



November 22. 2011
mandy higginbottom

Hi All,

Great to hear about others making headway. Just had a really motivating conversation with Dawn Smith, AHP advisor to the NHS clinical comissioning community, I know some of you have had conversations with her to. One of the aspects Dawn was talking about was sometimes people are finding that there is a block or percieved block from managers about them getting involved in AHP networks.

In Sheffield to overcome this we wrote to every provider CEO and the PCT CEO/ PEC leads to explain the Federation, it's aims and function. We got resounding support from all of them as they could see that to really transform services you have to operate out of the traditional organisational boundaries. This gave us the authority to exist and act indepenadntly of our organisations as clinical AHP experts.

Happy to share copies of the letters we sent and our Fed Terms of Reference with people.




November 23. 2011
Avril Swan

Thanks, Mandy, that's really helpful to know how you got that sort of 'buy in' from everybody.  You've already sent me your TOR, but it would be helpful to see the letters you refer to as well, if that's ok with you.

Many thanks,



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