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The Confident PCN Manager
Many primary care networks (PCNs) are identifying managers to support the clinical director. The manager needs to ensure governance is right, keep the member practices on board and make links...
10:49 - Thu 22 Oct 2020
Do not adjust your set: Britain really is losing its focus
A new campaign, Focus on Life has been launched by the College of Optometrists to address the alarming number of Brits who are living their lives out of focus due...
10:46 - Thu 22 Oct 2020
Dental practice COVID-19 guidance
The Faculty of General Dental Practice UK and College of General Dentistry have published an updated synopsis of their guidance on the implications of COVID-19 for the safe management of...
10:43 - Thu 22 Oct 2020
Learning from COVID-19
The Beneficial Changes Network has gathered feedback from thousands of NHS staff to capture and build on the ways in which people and systems have responded to COVID-19.
10:41 - Thu 22 Oct 2020
Guidance explains different types of tests and testing kits
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has published information for the public, patients, professionals and industry about COVID-19 tests and testing kits, including how they work, the different types...
10:39 - Thu 22 Oct 2020
Planning for Self Care Week
This year’s Self Care Week – running from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 November – is an opportunity to remind people how the NHS can help them look after themselves...
10:38 - Thu 22 Oct 2020
Becoming a team
Most work is done in teams and whilst systems and processes are important, evidence shows that the key to successful transformation is good team working, where individuals understand and value...
10:53 - Wed 21 Oct 2020