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Enabling remote working for GPs and practice staff
Currently 30% of GPs are self-isolating, most are more than capable of working, but cannot access the systems they need, and this is putting huge stress on their colleagues and...
15:43 - Today
People not conditions - the cultural shift needed for population health management
Primary care networks are expected to adopt a population health management approach to care. What does the term mean, what are the benefits and what are the challenges involved?
15:42 - Today
Call for dental workforce to help
The dental workforce has a wide range of skills and experience that can be used to help clinical colleagues and the wider workforce during Covid-19.
15:39 - Today
Remote working in primary care - guidance for GP practices
An appendix to the primary care digital services operating model supports remote working across general practice during the Covid-19 pandemic.
15:38 - Today
Industry responds to call for diagnostics industry at scale
The UK's top pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are teaming up to roll out millions of coronavirus tests in the coming months as part of the next phase of the government's...
15:36 - Today
Support for children during the Covid-19 crisis
A report from IPPR examines how Covid-19 is affecting children. It covers topics including mental health, childcare issues, school closures, social interactions and access to food.
15:34 - Today
Public believes Covid-19 communications have been ineffective
Findings from online surveys of members of the public carried out by the Patient Experience Research Centre, reveal that the public thinks ineffective communication is the biggest issue to have...
15:32 - Today