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What’s love got to do with leadership?


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What’s love got to do with leadership?

As humanity adapts to the post Covid-19 world, is it time to reflect on the balance of fear based as opposed to love based leadership approaches in the NHS? The NHS workforce are human and a big part of our humanity is the need to connect, trust, communicate and feel part of something we believe in.

There are huge opportunities to take the learning from recent events and the extraordinary acts of commitment and courage and build kinder, more inclusive primary care organisations in the NHS, where people can bring their whole selves to work and feel valued. Evidence shows this will improve wellbeing for staff and deliver better outcomes for patients and citizens.  Read this article by Rita Symonds. 

Rita spent over 20 years in the NHS, ending her career as a CCG Accountable Officer. She is now an accredited senior practitioner coach and leadership consultant.  Rita is currently leading the becoming a team workshops for PCC.

Becoming a team

Most work is done in teams and whilst systems and processes are important, evidence shows that the key to successful transformation is good team working, where individuals understand and value each other. Often change initiatives ignore this human dynamic. This virtual workshop will give new teams some time to reflect and plan for how they work together effectively to achieve success.   The workshop will comprise two 90 minute virtual training sessions.  This virtual workshop will be particularly useful for any newly forming team.    Contact enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk for more details.