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Vocational clinics now running in GP surgeries


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Vocational clinics now running in GP surgeries

Occupational therapists have long been involved in offering return-to-work advice for people struggling with health problems, but the current drive to expand the workforce in general practice has resulted in new vocational clinics in GP surgeries.

Running across Southampton and Pembrokeshire, the service allows patients who want GP fit notes to see an occupational therapist for self-management advice and  workplace modifications to help them stay at work. Practice managers and GPs have overwhelmingly supported the move to direct patients who would otherwise have seen a GP to an occupational therapist: between 9m and 10m GP fit notes were signed in England alone last year. The government is closely monitoring the impact of the scheme, which is funded by the work and health challenge fund, for potential roll-out. If you would be interested in adding occupational therapists to your team, contact the project manager for information genevieve.smyth@rcot.co.uk. More...