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Value, systems and an outcomes-driven health economy


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Value, systems and an outcomes-driven health economy

To implement outcomes based models, commissioners and providers need to understand the concept of value.

In this workshop for managers and clinicians Professor Sir Muir Gray and NHS Right Care consider how value-based systems build on outcomes based approaches to create the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people within the resources available. 

With the financial challenges faced by the health care system commissioners and providers need to work together and ensure value both in terms of the benefit individuals derive from their own care and treatment and the value the wider population derives from their investment in healthcare.

The workshop brings together experts from PCC, NHS Right Care and Better Value Healthcare. It is essential for anyone involved in outcomes and value based systems development or delivery of integrated care.

It is one of a series of five events aimed at value-based developers working in commissioning and provider organisations.

To be held on  3 February in Birmingham.  Subscribers to our Primary Care Commissioning Development Programme can access these events free of charge.