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Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals


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Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals

A short report reflecting the views from a focus group complements progress reports from acute trusts involved in the transform programme pilot.

In 2010 The route to success in end of life care – achieving quality in acute hospitals was published. As a result the transform programme was set up by the National End of Life Care Programme (NEoLCP) to provide practical support for managers and clinicians in acute trusts delivering end of life care.

Twenty-five acute trusts (43 hospitals) signed up to take part in the first phase pilots. Whilst each of the pilot sites provides regular returns on progress against implementation of  five key enablers it was thought timely to bring together a focus group to discuss some of the practical issues that had helped and sometimes hindered progress. This short report reflects the views expressed by those participating in the focus group and should complement the more formal progress reports.