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The Confident PCN Leader


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The Confident PCN Leader

The challenges for primary care networks (PCNs) have been immense in the last year. Given the pressures do you still have a clear vision and purpose, are your member practices still on board and how are the new roles working in practice?

Having headspace to consider these areas, and experts to support you to consider your next steps, will help you prepare for success in 2021.  Keeping your members on board, and managing local priorities to improve your population’s health is vital, as well as developing the relationships needed with local health and care partners, and becoming an effective voice at integrated care system level. Our Confident PCN leader programme supports PCN leaders as the complexity of the task ahead is becoming apparent.  The clinical director needs to influence the integrated care system effectively.  PCN managers need to ensure the governance is right, keep the member practices on board and make links with partner organisations. As a team they need to create workforce plans and implement significant changes to ways of working across organisations where they do not have direct management of the team, while making sure that they meet the targets that trigger funding.