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The Confident Commissioner


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The Confident Commissioner

Commissioning has changed – with the move towards accountable care systems, the challenges to secure integrated services, the advent of multi-speciality community providers and primary and acute care systems the skills needed by the commissioner have shifted.

PCC’s confident commissioner learning sets guide commissioners to explore areas such as population health, using contracts more innovatively and being the most effective negotiators and influencers.  The programme allows participants to lead the discussion on areas that matter to them, guided by expert input.  Every session has input from an expert topic lead, providing up to date, in depth knowledge to support delegates to become the commissioners of the future.

The programme starting on 10 August in Birmingham consists of eight half-day sessions over a period of nine months, allowing time between sessions for reflection and further study; a closed network is set up for participants to share the latest in commissioning developments and resources throughout the programme.  Subscribing organisations can access this programme as part of their event package.