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Support for commissioners of respiratory services

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Support for commissioners of respiratory services

Primary Care Respiratory Society UK and Cogora have announced the 2018 Primary Care Respiratory Academy Commissioning Platform.

The platform consists of free one-day interactive workshops and accompanying digital resources that will give you an insight into the tools needed to help provide the best-possible population-level respiratory outcomes.

The workshops are taking place nationwide between 19 April and 23 May 2018, and include:

  • The chance to explore what good respiratory care and good respiratory outcomes will look like now and in the future
  • Key tips on how to operate in a world of accountable care organisations
  • An overview of the practical tools you need to ensure optimal service delivery in your population, including an insight into the role of technology in improving service outcomes

Register here: www.respiratoryacademy.co.uk/registration Further details: www.respiratoryacademy.co.uk/commissioning