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Strong bones after 50: fracture liaison services explained


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Strong bones after 50: fracture liaison services explained

The Royal College of Physicians has released new guidance for patients and carers to support older people who have broken a bone following a fall.

There are an estimated half a million broken bones after a fall or “fragility fracture” in the UK each year. This is more than the number of heart attacks. These have a major impact on patients, their families and carers, often leading to increased risk of death, pain and loss of independence, mobility and capacity to carry out everyday tasks.

By giving patients information about bone health and fracture prevention, we hope that they will have the confidence to approach their doctor and ask for further investigations. Finding out more about risk factors can also be helpful, as some of these can be addressed by the patient, such as such as not smoking or drinking excessive alcohol and having a healthy body weight. More.....