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Shared decision making and decision aids


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Shared decision making and decision aids

In the next Expert on Call online seminar, Dr Steven Laitner, NHS East of England, and Emma Walker, NHS Direct, will talk about the future for shared decisions and decision aids.

A great deal of work is already underway in the NHS to develop a national strategy for shared decision making. In the opening paragraphs of the white paper, the government talks about putting patients and the public first:


“Shared decision-making will become the norm - no decision about me without me.”


As a GP in St Albans, Steve is acutely aware of the need to help patients become more informed about their care. He has been working with the NHS Institute to develop a decision making aid that will empower people with arthritis of the knee and could radically change patient choice across a wide range of services.


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Expert on Call is a monthly online seminar, provided by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, where leading thinkers in the NHS Institute and beyond share their insights from research or product development via WebEx (an easy to use web-based conference system).


The call will be held at 4pm on Thursday 19 August.


Further information: http://nhs.webex.com/ec0605lb/eventcenter/enroll/join.do?confViewID=355853892&confId=355853892&rnd=0.9257258712834132&siteurl=nhs&theAction=detail