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Reflect, build on the learning and remain resilient


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Reflect, build on the learning and remain resilient

The December edition of PCC Insight is now available, with reflections on the last year, a year where it felt the world shifted on its axis.

Despite tremendous pressure on all parts of the healthcare system  the service has coped with the initial pressures of the coronavirus pandemic, and now has the challenge of trying to continue “business as usual” while still being battered by a new wave of the virus. We reflect on this and consider ways to build your resilience.  One of the events that reverberated around the world was the killing of George Floyd, sparking a worldwide response and an increased profile for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Rita Symons asks why don’t we talk about racism?  And at a time when Government policy is more primary care focused than at any time David Colin-Thomé discusses if primary care will use, or lose, this opportunity. More....