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Primary care network development


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Primary care network development

Primary care networks are at the heart of efforts to strengthen the foundations of primary care and build stronger links with other local services.

PCC facilitated a network meeting in Doncaster that brought together representatives from general practice, community services, the voluntary sector, the health and wellbeing board, social care, public health, housing and education.

“These events are key to moving forward with change, which is paramount in order to provide our community with the best services available,” said Rebecca Rosbolton, social worker, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council after the event.

“I felt reassured that our area is taking integration seriously and are making steps to improve integrated working for the benefit of our patients/service users,” said another participant, Dr A Khan, GP, The Medical Centre.

For more information on support for primary care networks in your area, please email enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk