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Partnering with a purpose: making collaboration work


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Partnering with a purpose: making collaboration work

In its recent planning guidance, NHS England made clear that sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) will take prominent roles in planning local systems, which are expected to evolve to become integrated care systems (ICSs). Primary care meanwhile is expected to form its own groupings, each serving a minimum population of 30,000 to 50,000. These can be thought of as building blocks of the ICSs that emerge over time.

Collaboration will need to happen at different scale for different purposes – in large units for system planning and commissioning, in smaller ones for elements of service delivery. With no “one size fits all” models expected to emerge, what will it really mean to collaborate?

This event on 11 July in London, 26 July in Birmingham and 25 September in Manchester will bring clarity to an increasingly complex situation. It will look at existing collaborations and ask what is really working and what can we learn?  It will bring together primary care professionals and commissioners to understand the national policy direction, the emerging contractual models and the challenges we face in making collaboration work.

Delegates will learn about steps to take to enable new collaborations and help existing initiatives to become successful.