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NHS is calling on all trusts to back Men's Health Week - 14 - 20th June 2010


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NHS is calling on all trusts to back Men's Health Week - 14 - 20th June 2010

Too many men are inactive with serious effects on their health, the NHS and wider economy.

And, there is a need for the public health workforce to access information and training to enable the engagement of larger numbers of men in physical activity. Men's Health Week is supported by the Department of Health, Sport England, NHS Choices, Royal Mail, Sustrans and 30 other organisations.

Mike Farrar, the national director for sport and health, wants more NHS trusts to get involved: "The Week provides an excellent platform for targeting men locally, especially middle-aged men whose physical activity levels start to fall sharply." Farrar is backing the Men's Health Forum's drive to encourage government, the NHS, local government, sports organisations, charities and others to work together to help one million more men aged 35-64 in England achieve the Chief Medical Officer’s minimum recommended levels of physical activity by 2012.

This year, Men’s Health Week has three main objectives:

1) To encourage more men to become more physically active through every day moderate intensity activity, for example, walking, cycling, gardening, DIY etc.

2) To improve the level of male participation in sport;

3) To develop the potential of sports settings, for example, stadia and leisure centres for delivering health services and campaigns to men.

As part of this year’s objectives, Men’s Health Forum will be supporting ‘Football Replay’, which is a grass roots programme aimed at getting the over 35s back in to football (5a-side) in a fun friendly environment, and therefore becoming fitter and more healthy, www.footballreplay.net . For more information visit: www.menshealthforum.org.uk

For further details regarding National Men’s Health week, please contact: Emma Woodridge or Rebecca Nicholls at Eventageous PR Ltd. Tel: 01452 260063, emma@eventspr.co.uk or rebecca@eventspr.co.uk.