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New programme promises way forward for practice managers


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New programme promises way forward for practice managers

Practice managers are crucial to the success of primary care, but their leadership development needs can be overlooked.

We offer a tailored programme to enable them to develop the skills and confidence to embrace changes that could ease current work pressures and help their practices to become fitter for the future.  “Practice managers see where improvements could be made, they recognise the potential to bring in new skills, change existing working practices or work with other practices to solve common problems, but the demands of the here and now always seem to get in the way,” says Helen Ellis, PCC’s lead for personal and team development. PCC has introduced the Confident Practice Manager, a development programme to help managers break the vicious circle of demand. “The programme recognises the dilemma that the more urgent the need for change, the less likely it is that managers will feel able to focus on the leadership skills they need to make change happen. This course is designed to help them get quick results and start moving forward with a minimal investment of learning time,” she says. The Confident Practice Manager will suit any practice that recognises the need to improve leadership capability to enable long-term improvement, including those supported by resilience funding.