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IT agreement to save the taxpayer over £1 billion


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IT agreement to save the taxpayer over £1 billion

Savings of over £1 billion will be reinvested into the NHS following the Department of Health’s legally binding agreement with CSC, suppliers of the Lorenzo healthcare IT system.

This agreement will give local hospitals and NHS organisations the power to make their own decisions about which IT systems they use. The money saved will go back into the NHS and would be enough to pay for half a million extra knee and hip operations, and almost 15,000 extra doctors.

As part of the Government’s commitment to dismantle the National Programme for IT, the Department of Health, the local NHS and Cabinet Office have been in negotiations with CSC to ensure the existing electronic patient record system, known as Lorenzo, is fit for purpose and focuses on the NHS’s current needs as well as providing value for money. Under the new agreement, CSC’s exclusive rights to be the only provider of clinical IT systems in the north, Midlands and east of England have been removed.