Hospital admissions for youths assaulted with sharp objects up almost 60%

Monday, 11 February 2019

Teenagers accounted for more than 1,000 admissions to hospital as a result of assaults with a knife or sharp object last year, NHS figures show.

Admissions for all injuries caused by an assault with knife or other sharp objects have gone up by almost a third since 2012/13, from 3,849 to 4,986 last year.

However, admissions involving youngsters aged between 10 and 19 increased nearly twice as fast, with 1,012 last year – a rise of around 55%.

Doctors warned that high street sales of knives is helping to fuel the rise in stabbings, and called on retailers to do more to stem the tide of available weapons.

One of England’s top trauma surgeons revealed that in one London trust alone, two people a day are admitted to hospital with a stabbing injury, having a devastating effect on families and placing avoidable pressure on NHS staff. More....