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Heart patients 'should keep taking aspirin'


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Heart patients 'should keep taking aspirin'

Heart patients who stop taking prescribed aspirin are two thirds more likely to suffer another attack,” the Daily Express has reported.

Taking low-dose aspirin each day is a standard treatment for preventing heart attacks in people who have a history of heart disease, but researchers estimate that around 50% of patients prescribed low-dose aspirin stop treatment. The research behind this news looked at how stopping was associated with the risk of another heart attack, as well as death related to heart disease. Researchers compared the risks in patients who continued and recently stopped their prescriptions. They found that stopping aspirin use increased risk of a future non-fatal heart attack by 63%. For every 1,000 patients who stopped their aspirin use there were an additional four cases of non-fatal heart attacks over the course of a year than among patients who continued their use of the drug. More ……..