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Healthy living pharmacies get the popular vote


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Healthy living pharmacies get the popular vote

An evaluation of healthy living pharmacies (HLP) in England indicates the important role of the pharmacy team in supporting people with health and wellbeing advice.

Of the 1,034 people who accessed health and wellbeing advice and/or an NHS service at an HLP, 21% said if they hadn’t accessed this support at an HLP, they wouldn’t have done anything. 60% said they would have gone to their GP.

20 areas representing 30 PCTs took part in the pathfinder programme and 14 of these were able to participate in the evaluation. HLP services were provided in areas with different levels of deprivation, city centre, urban or rural localities. 1,034 consultations with members of the public were evaluated and 153 HLPs completed a survey on the impact of being an HLP on their pharmacies and the teams working within them. More ….