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Get the most out of NHS Networks


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Get the most out of NHS Networks

Over 100,000 people use NHS Networks, the free-to-use virtual networking and document sharing platform. These training webinars on 18 January and 22 February arm you with the knowledge and skills to join them. The training comprises two webinars each lasting an hour.

The service provides space to share documents and set up online discussions with colleagues. Set up a network to keep in touch with other people in your organisation or with other organisations and colleagues in your area.

The webinars provide training and tips on how to create and run a successful network, including how to set up forums, share documents and manage network membership. Part one covers the basics of setting up and running a network including how to create a forum and publish documents. Part two covers some of the more advanced features and allows plenty of time for questions. The sessions are a month apart, giving you time to practice what you learned in session one and bring any queries to session two. For more information and to book, visit the PCC events website.