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Find out more about new workforce roles


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Find out more about new workforce roles

Arguably the most important purpose of PCNs is to resolve the crisis in the primary care workforce. New roles promise to widen the range of skills in general practice and to relieve existing pressures, particularly on GPs.

Expanded teams can not only help make workload manageable but offer several benefits to practices and their patients. To explore these opportunities and consider the implications of rapid workforce expansion, PCC is running an event in London on 20 November where a clinical pharmacist, a first-contact physiotherapist, a social prescribing link worker and a physician associate will talk about their experience of working in general practice and provide insights to help PCNs develop their own workforce plans. We are also running an event in Manchester on 15 October to explore the legal implications of workforce expansion with guidance from a lawyer specialising in employment law. Both events are discussed in this week’s podcast.