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Financing of adult personal social services 2012/13


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Financing of adult personal social services 2012/13

For 2012/13 the Department of Health has agreed for over £1.4 billion to be made available for revenue funding through the Learning Disability and Health Reform Grant.

Of this total, around £1,352m is to fund the transfer of responsibility for commissioning services for people with a learning disability from PCTs to local authorities. The health reform aspect includes £5.55m for the Blue Badge scheme which has transferred from PCTs to upper tier councils.

For capital grant funding local authorities will receive funding of £127 million from the department. They will also be allocating one overall capital grant over the period to support three key areas of personalisation, reform and efficiency.

This letter to local authorities provides information on funding for adults’ personal social services (PSS) and details of provisional local authority allocations for 2012-13.