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Facilitation skills


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Facilitation skills

Facilitation skills have a positive impact on meetings, negotiations and relationships, which are essential for better commissioning and performance management. Confident, capable facilitators are an asset to any organisation.

PCC offers two levels of facilitation skills training:

The level one introductory workshop introduces the concept of facilitation, explores the differences between facilitation, training and chairing, and allows delegates to practise some of the key techniques at the facilitator's disposal. The session on 11 May in Leeds, 22 June in London and 21 September in Birmingham is suitable for those new to facilitation and those familiar with the concepts who need a refresher

The level two workshop provides an opportunity for delegates to practice and experience their learning in a safe environment. It focuses on role play and learning from experience by giving delegates the chance to plan and facilitate a scenario and to feedback in the roles of a facilitator, co-facilitator and observer. The session 6 July in Leeds, 19 July in London and 9 November in Birmingham is a follow up for those who attended the introductory session, and for those wanting to improve their current facilitation skills and confidence.