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Elective care – what happens now


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Elective care – what happens now

Covid-19 has ruthlessly exposed flaws in our society, from social care funding to democracy itself. Trust is fundamental to a functioning society and it is eroding in many areas. One of these areas is elective care.

An exploding waiting list and an inability to restart elective services for a variety of reasons are an under-appreciated societal risk in national debate.  The key element of a functioning elective care system is the relationship between primary and secondary care. Philosophical arguments on this subject are fascinating: the transactional nature of secondary care versus the whole-health risk management approach of primary care. Fascinating though it may be, patients are at increasing clinical risk due to secondary care’s challenges in treating them right now. Now is not the time for philosophical argument. Now is the time for action to reduce risk.  Read the rest of this blog from MBI Healthcare Technologies.