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Don’t neglect your most valuable primary care resources


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Don’t neglect your most valuable primary care resources

GP shortages, falling morale and a dwindling share of the NHS budget are among the woes facing general practice.

However, practice managers, the people who keep the surgery running, have more than their fair share of challenges too, dealing with workforce issues, juggling practice finances and battling to keep ahead of the tidal wave of bureaucracy. The creative solutions envisaged to the problems of general practice, including wider collaboration, working at scale, and introducing new services will involve partners but will be implemented in most cases by practice managers. NHS England is starting to recognise the need to invest not just in GPs but in strong operational managers with the broader skills needed to develop general practice for the future. PCC provides a range of training and support aimed at practice managers and their teams, including a nine-month development programme – the Confident Practice Manager - that enables practice managers to work with their peers under the guidance of expert facilitators to develop the skills and confidence they need. To find out more contact enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk.