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Diagnostics waiting times and activity data, spring 2011


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Diagnostics waiting times and activity data, spring 2011

The monthly data gives the waiting times for 15 key diagnostic tests carried out in the NHS.

Main findings this month

  • The number of patients, for whom English commissioners are responsible, waiting over 6 weeks for any one of the 15 key diagnostics tests at the end of April 2011 was 14,200, an increase of 3,300 from March 2011, and an increase of 10,000 from April 2010.
  • Of the patients waiting at the end of April 2011, 97.5% had been waiting under 6 weeks, compared to 98.1% in March 2011, and 99.2% in April 2010.

The quarterly census of all tests, carried out at the end of March 2011, indicates there are an additional 4,900 over 6 week waiters in tests not captured in the 15 included in the monthly return. This is a decrease of 300 over 6 week waits since the December 2010 census