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Critical care paramedics can save more lives and cut costs


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Critical care paramedics can save more lives and cut costs

A study of specially trained paramedics at South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust reveals they save lives at lower cost than the alternatives.

The study focuses on new critical care paramedics (CCPs) who have been given extra training to deal with the most acute cases such as serious car crashes and stroke.

The report includes a cost benefit analysis which shows that introducing CCPs helps reduce avoidable deaths and save lives. It also shows that they offer much better value for money.

The study’s analysis sets out the value of life saved using CCPs is just over £34,000 – more than £200,000 less than an equivalent doctor-led team. CCPs would also easily pass the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) cost effectiveness standards for a new treatment.

The trust trained 25 CCPs with skills to use a wider range of drugs and advanced airway management. They focus on the most urgent of cases in teams that allow for better coordination with local acute hospital services.  More ….