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Could you win an NHS Innovation Challenge Prize?


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Could you win an NHS Innovation Challenge Prize?

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement is launching the NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes programme, which is part of the Department of Health’s wider innovation strategy designed to support the creation of a culture of innovation in the NHS.

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes have been created to recognize and reward ideas that tackle some of the most challenging areas of healthcare. As the NHS enters a period of substantial economic challenge, delivering more for less and achieving major clinical breakthroughs to transform patient outcomes has never been more important. Innovation is a powerful way of improving the quality of patient services. The Challenge Prizes aim to support innovation that is already happening in the NHS, encouraging the development and spread of new ideas that will deliver better patient outcomes.


The Challenge Prizes are different from conventional award schemes in that prizes will be awarded for achievement of specific challenges, set out in advance. The challenges will range from significant improvements in delivery to major clinical breakthroughs. The awards will be substantial, with prize money amounts that reflect the nature of the challenge and the added value of the innovation to the NHS and its patients.

To find out more and apply please go to www.challengeprizes.institute.nhs.uk