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Commissioning management allowance to be published in December


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Commissioning management allowance to be published in December

The management allowance for GP commissioning consortia will be disclosed in December, Sir David Nicholson told an audience at the National Association of Primary Care annual conference.

Commissioning management allowance to be published in December

Sir David Nicholson earlier today

Putting a figure on the management allowance will put an end to speculation about the level of funding consortia could expect compared to PCTs, the commissioning organisations they are set to replace.
Sir David said: “It is in all of our interests for that magic number to be as big as it possibly can be.”
The announcement came in a speech designed to reassure the audience of GPs, PCTs and health professionals that the government’s commitment to drive forward the GP commissioning agenda at pace remains strong.
But in an address which emphasised that the current programme of change is quite unlike any that has gone before, Sir David was also at pains to stress the need for measured progress and continuity. “I think we need to go slow in relation to the building of the consortia,” he said. “This is not a race.”
He also emphasised the need to develop consortia to meet local needs, not to fit a pre-conceived or government imposed organisational model.
Sir David acknowledged scepticism about the message from DH that key decisions would be left to GPs. “I know that the Department of Health has form in this area,” he said, adding that this time the commitment to a hands-off approach was genuine.
Referring to previous policy initiatives which veered between centralisation and decentralisation, Sir David warned against seeing the change programme in simplistic terms.
“The transition will not all be just about decentralisation. There will be some centralisation required,” he said.
Similarly there would be a mixture of continuity and discontinuity. Echoing the concerns of PCTs and of GPs concerned about the loss of good NHS managers before consortia are up and running, Sir David said: “We need to as quickly as we can identify those people and get them into the new system to take it forward. We are in grave danger of losing some of our best people.”