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Calls for NHS to curb inappropriate antibiotic prescribing


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Calls for NHS to curb inappropriate antibiotic prescribing

Healthcare professionals should encourage sensible use of antibiotics and cut back on unnecessary prescribing of the drugs to help tackle the rise in antibiotic resistance, says NICE.

Despite considerable guidance that prescribing rates of antibiotics should be reduced, nine out of ten GPs say that they feel pressured to prescribe antibiotics, and 97% of patients who ask for antibiotics are prescribed them.

The first NICE guideline to address this issue recommends that GPs, nurses, pharmacists and dentists promote and monitor the sensible use of antimicrobials – a group of medicines that includes antibiotics.

If successfully implemented, NICE’s latest guidance could help to reduce antibiotic prescribing by 25% - accounting for around 10 million antibiotic prescriptions.