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Avoiding conflict with clarity, openness and trust


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Avoiding conflict with clarity, openness and trust

No one wants to reach a point where conflict resolution between commissioner, contract manager and provider is necessary. Constructive relationships are vital for the successful implementation of primary care networks, which as the NHS Long Term Plan makes clear will soon include all GP practices.

Investment in building relationships can save a lot of time and stress later on should performance or contract compliance issues arise.

A new workshop promises to equip delegates to prevent conflict in commissioning and contract management relationships. It also aims to increase their confidence in managing situations where conflict may arise.

The one day session on 26 March in Manchester, 25 April in London and 14 May in Birmingham focuses first on preventing conflict, providing tips to build collaborative relationships and processes to make them work. It looks at mechanisms to pre-empt conflict and practical solutions to prevent escalation to a formal conflict resolution process.