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Effective primary medical care contracting under co-commissioning


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Effective primary medical care contracting under co-commissioning

As NHS England seeks further applications from CCGs who want to assume more responsibility for primary care under delegated and joint commissioning arrangements, PCC is running an event to explore how primary care commissioning committees work for joint and delegated arrangements.

The event is suitable for CCG and NHS England teams who need to understand the background and contractual detail of primary medical and the context of decisions that will need to be made. It will be of interest to CCGs that have already assumed full delegated responsibility and those that plan to be in the next wave. It will also be of interest to those who are currently at the joint commissioning stage and planning to move to full delegation at a later date.

The event, which is part of the Primary Care Commissioning Development programme, describes the opportunities co-commissioning creates for CCGs, the main primary medical contracts, the difference between contracted and enhanced services, and the contract management areas that committees will need to understand. It uses scenarios that CCG face to help understand the wider commissioning considerations and how they justify decisions. Dates are 22 July in Leeds, 30 July in Birmingham, 30 July in London and 6 August in Reading.